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IV Team

2 Oct

IV Team talks about Purple Glove Syndrome

While studying for NCLEX I saw a test question asking about “purple glove syndrome” My what a cheerful name for a not cheerful thing! IV team talks about it here and seeing a pic is a really good reminder to pay attention to where you’re putting that Dilantin.

Ways I’ll remember:Dilantin: Give it the backhand cos it don’t want none! Give it your arm instead! or “Dilantin: give it a strong arm”

And never forget what happens if you don’t…


GI Rap

10 Apr

Strangely entertaining and educational…if you can keep from laughing like an idiot lol

Very Basic Anatomy (for n00bs)

12 Jan

Because my old anatomy class expired, my school forces all of us who had an old one to take it over again. No problem, it’s just remembering old things but I see a lot of folkĀ  struggling with things. Maybe these little sayings/thoughts will help with remembering the very, very, basic of surface anatomy for you too?

They’re not the most serious but I at least remember things that make me laugh easier! Not all have some clever thing, some are just “this = this” but that still can help. So here we go, starting from the HEAD to TOE! Always work downwards and in order, it’ll help you remember.

First the head to the shoulders…

  1. CEPHALIC is a-HEAD of the others
  2. You lay your OCCIPITAL on your pillow at night (back of the head)
  3. ORBITAL is round like the EYES
  4. OTIC = ear. Get OTIC drops for an ear ache (ear ache and otic sound a bit alike. Hey helps me remember!)
  5. You use NASAL decongestant to unstuff the NOSE
  6. It hurts if you bite the BUCCAL part of your mouth (cheek)
  7. ORAL = mouth
  9. Hang a NECKlace around your CERVICAL region
  10. ACROMIAL = shoulder
  11. Put deodorent on the AXILLIARY area (armpit)
  12. People break their arm or BRACHIAL
  13. ANTEBRACHIAL = forearm. Ants have to climb your forearm first…
  14. ANTECUBITAL =inner elbow. Think of the hallow there as a CUBICAL to remember cubital. The actual ELBOW is CUBITAL and it’s slightly square like a cubical too.
  15. Wear a WRIST brace if your CARPAL hurts
  16. See the PALM in PALMER
  17. You use your FINGERS on DIGITAL devices

Lets go over to the torso now!

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