Midwife for the End Of Life

1 May

Death Maiden has a great blog about end of life care including many critical thinking examples and other information. Worth the read for any nursing student


GI Rap

10 Apr

Strangely entertaining and educational…if you can keep from laughing like an idiot lol

“Easy Fill” Drug Card and Prep Sheet

1 Apr

Easy Fill Drug Card
The drug card for CCAC 101-102 students, now in easy to fill in format for Open Office/Word. Fit all the info you need in there and make it readable! Dangerous/important parts are ready to go in RED bullet points! Fill in your cards, save a patient (And a lot of time)
Easy Fill Prep Sheet
Clinical prep sheet in easy fill mode, ready to just type in!
Easy Fill Med Surg. tool with sig figs sidebar

Wakin up is hard to do

1 Apr

Do E’m Right (The Vitals)

20 Mar

Learn ’em!

Catalog of Clinical Images

9 Feb

UCSD.edu’s clinical images
Sometimes it’s easier to spot a certain medical problem in clinical after you’ve seen a picture of a good example. Here you go, not for the faint of heart however.

Study for Blood Pressure

20 Jan

Found a great site to practice some blood pressures on. My problem is that it’s hard for me to hear the right sounds unless I know what I’m listening for so the flash tutorial really helped with letting you hear the sounds and then try a few simulations. Give it a shot!

Flash Blood Pressure Tutorial