Nurse-on-Nurse Hostility

Acclaimed experts in the fields of Conflict Engagement and Mediation in Healthcare, Patient Safety, Nursing, and Physician Wellness gathered together for the EHCCO (Emerging HealthCare Communities) inaugural event held in Northern California in January, 2010. This concise and inspiring video–produced and directed by EHCCO president, Debra Gerardi–was filmed during that unprecedented gathering as a core component of the Professional Conduct Toolkit now available through the Department of Defense Patient Safety Program website. Please visit for more information. Experts include: Ila Rothschild, Esq., Special Counsel, the Joint Commission; Jeanne Floyd, PhD, RN; Kim Hissong, MD; Robert Robson, MSc, MDCM, FRCP(C)

When youre rude and disrespectful to your co-workers, you put your patients at risk. In this video, former nurse Jill Duncan recalls watching a senior nurse bully a medical resident. She explains why this behavior happens, and how you should respond if youre on the receiving end.

Breaking a long tradition of silence about a major problem that impacts every aspect of American Healthcare, Kathleen Bartholomew, RN, MN, delivers a hardhitting keynote speech outlining the problem and the solutions. This is a short excerpt from a powerful address that typically sends practitioners back to their units determined to address issues they’ve long avoided and create healthy work relationships.


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