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28 Jan

Will be doing a paper on horizontal nurse violence/bad attitudes in the work place this summer so time to collect some vids

RN Style has a Heart to Heart with student nurses about nurse on nurse hostility

Kathleen Bartholomew, RN, MN, delivers a hardhitting keynote speech outlining the problem and the solutions

Juice Inc’s “Ending Nurse-on-Nurse Hostility” video trailer
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IV Push Tutorial Video collection

28 Jan

College of Southern Maryland nursing teacher shows IV push into saline lock

College of Southern Maryland nursing teacher shows IV push into existing IV line

McLennan Community College (MCC) IV Push Exisiting Line

Midwife for the End Of Life

1 May

Death Maiden has a great blog about end of life care including many critical thinking examples and other information. Worth the read for any nursing student

Wakin up is hard to do

1 Apr

Do E’m Right (The Vitals)

20 Mar

Learn ’em!

Catalog of Clinical Images

9 Feb’s clinical images
Sometimes it’s easier to spot a certain medical problem in clinical after you’ve seen a picture of a good example. Here you go, not for the faint of heart however.

Blood Pressure Cuffs

17 Jan

Everybody in nursing school needs one of these but we students don’t have much money! So I looked around to try and find one that wasn’t crazy expensive. At school they were running 37-45 bucks (and a lot were out of calibration), at the uniform store they were up in the 25-30 range. The best price I’ve found is by special order through my Sams club. A very good blood pressure cuff with case for $20.51! Can’t beat that with a stick!

So need a good cuff cheap? Hit up your Sams or Walmart and ask them to order you one from McKesson. It won’t be on the shelf, you have to ask the pharmacist but it’s well worth it. The order comes in the next day and you have one for cheap. Don’t want to make two trips? They’ll order it over the phone if you call them!! Not sure if Walmart’s is as cheap, Sam’s doesn’t upcharge at all and infact sells it for less than the price posted on the McKesson website.  You do need a membership to buy special orders there tho so keep that in mind. IF you don’t have a membership ask a friend who does to go get one for you.