Trach Care and Suction Videos

16 Mar

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28 Jan

Will be doing a paper on horizontal nurse violence/bad attitudes in the work place this summer so time to collect some vids

RN Style has a Heart to Heart with student nurses about nurse on nurse hostility

Kathleen Bartholomew, RN, MN, delivers a hardhitting keynote speech outlining the problem and the solutions

Juice Inc’s “Ending Nurse-on-Nurse Hostility” video trailer
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IV Promethazine/Phenergan tips and tricks

28 Jan

IV Phenergan, if given improperly can cause severe damage to your patient. Here’s the FDA’s short video tutorial on ways to avoid troubles with this powerful antiemetic

IV Push Tutorial Video collection

28 Jan

College of Southern Maryland nursing teacher shows IV push into saline lock

College of Southern Maryland nursing teacher shows IV push into existing IV line

McLennan Community College (MCC) IV Push Exisiting Line

Raw Basic Anemias

17 Jan

Since everybody else as done a very good job with some in depth coverage of the different anemias, guess I’ll throw out a basic “easy memory” review with pictures!

Lets start with anemias with normal looking blood cells (General Anemias)

— The RBCs in general anemia appear to be normal however they may be in the wrong place due to patient bleeding. This bleeding could be occult, from a traumatic injury, or due to another bleeding disorder. There can also be less blood cells produced or more of them destroyed such as the fragmented RBC on the bottom right of the diagram.

-Heart must pump harder and faster in order to keep the body oxegenated with less O2 carriers around. Patient becomes fatigued and week and may have chest pain and confusion.

-Patient treated by stoping the cause of the bleeding, keeping them calm, comfortable, hydrated, and 02 perfused.
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IV Team

2 Oct

IV Team talks about Purple Glove Syndrome

While studying for NCLEX I saw a test question asking about “purple glove syndrome” My what a cheerful name for a not cheerful thing! IV team talks about it here and seeing a pic is a really good reminder to pay attention to where you’re putting that Dilantin.

Ways I’ll remember:Dilantin: Give it the backhand cos it don’t want none! Give it your arm instead! or “Dilantin: give it a strong arm”

And never forget what happens if you don’t…

Intro to Immunology

25 Jun

Having a hard time with immunology for your anatomy classes? The University of Arizona has got you covered with “The Biology Project”. Great easy to understand tutorials ripe for the studying!

The Biology Project